Get a Glimpse of What Jeff Bezos Does When He’s Not at Amazon


Have you ever wondered what the top executives get up to in their spare time? Wouldn’t it be nice to see who they are when they are not at the office making mega deals? It’s great to know that the most hardworking and successful people make time to enjoy hobbies with their families, post goofy pictures, and spend time with their friends. Even if you’re working hard to achieve a goal or finish a project, you also need some time away from it all to relax. Sometimes it’s the little things that bring the most joy.

Take Jeff Bezos, as an example. When you think of him, you probably think Amazon, innovation, breakthrough technologies. He’s the CEO of this global giant and also happens to be the richest man in the world with over $122 billion. Despite his hectic schedule and numerous commitments, he’s given us a peek into the kind of things he does away from work.

Think blueberry-chocolate chip pancakes. Yes, that’s exactly what Bezos made for his pals one rainy Sunday out in Seattle. He even shared a picture on his Instagram page of some the tasty-looking pancakes he had made and shared with couple Russell Wilson of the Seahawks and Ciara, the singer/songwriter. They are all seen smiling widely and also holding up the syrup they used on the pancakes! They’ve done some business together with Bezos having a stake in Wilson’s TraceMe app, but it looks like they also make time to relax and share some lighter moments.

Bezos really knows how to unwind during the weekends. Everyone needs some rest and relaxation after all. He gets some work done, like emails and working on shareholder letter, but he makes sure there’s enough to take his kids out for some fun activities. He posted a picture looking quite cozy sitting against his kids’ stuffed panda. Thereafter, it was out to the movies to watch Rampage.

There’s definitely a playful side to Bezos too. He had a picture of himself taken at the movies in front of the poster for Rampage. He shared this picture which shows him standing alongside the poster of “The Rock”, Dwayne Johnson who stars in the movie. This was definitely a flashback to a series of 2017 memes of Bezos looking quite buff. Some memes had him photo-shopped between a picture of Dwayne Johnson and Vin Diesel. The memes did their rounds on the internet and had many comparing Jeff Bezos to The Rock.

When Bezos shared his Rampage poster pic, he even left a shout out to The Rock on Instagram. It read, “I love Dwayne Johnson.” For a bit of humor, he also added, “Still working on my smolder…” And with that, the meme was revived. It got even better when The Rock wrote back that the love and respect were mutual.

So, much thanks to Jeff Bezos for giving us a look into his personal life. The Amazon CEO has a sense of humor and his Instagram followers probably got a good laugh.


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