One Publicist that Makes $1 Million Each Year Claims that Money is Happiness and Freedom


One person earning a seven-figure income believes that money can buy your happiness.

The Cut talked to three different people with high incomes to determine what it feels like to earn at least $1 million each year. One person interviewed claimed that she watched her parents pinch pennies all the time. She always dreamed of being the person who opened expensive hotel mini-fridge products without batting an eye, even if she didn’t want them. The point was that she could afford it and now she can.

About a decade ago, she started her own PR firm from scratch and now brings in approximately $1 million each year.

She learned early that money is a job to have. She said she doesn’t believe that more money equals more problems. She isn’t ashamed to say that money gives her happiness and freedom to do the things she loves.

Steve Siebold, an author, researched over 1,200 millionaires who all started their own companies. He found that most rich people admit that money is a problem-solver and appreciates what it does for them.

In his book, How Rich People Think, Siebold wrote that rich people consider money a positive tool to help them create more opportunities for their families and gives them freedom. If there is a problem somewhere, you can likely write a check to make it go away, which ultimately means you have no problem.

If you accept that money creates more options and happiness, you can quickly understand why wealthy people want to generate more money. The world class tends to see money as a resource that opens possibilities while the middle class demonizes it and says it’s unimportant. Many analysts believe the middle class feels that way because they don’t have money. When you’ve got it, you tend to flaunt it more, and it becomes a more substantial part of your life. Without it, you claim that it is worthless or that everyone is too in love with it.

Siebold believes that if you tell yourself each day that money is your friend, it can create a more positive force within your life. Your mind starts working to figure out how to make more of it, which ensures that you have plenty to live comfortably.

Mental Tricks to Help Make More Money

Steve Siebold, a self-made millionaire himself, has come up with five tricks that anyone can do to help them make more money. Whether you’re a millionaire or an average person, you can use these tricks to make more money for yourself and your family.

1. Believe that money is there even if you don’t have any.

The act of believing may not seem like anything essential or helpful, at least at first. However, when you believe in something, you focus on it in a more positive way. For example, if you believe you can find money or make it wherever you are, you start looking for ways to accomplish that goal. You may notice something in your neighborhood that could be changed, making more money for you and helping others. You may decide to create a niche industry where none exists. The goal is to believe something is out there and focus on coming up with ideas.

2. Set hard-to-achieve goals (or even unattainable ones).

It may seem counterproductive, but rich people set goals all the time. Most of their goals aren’t attainable, at least at first. They may have multiple steps for each goal. For example, start off with something incredible, such as earning $1 million a year. That seems impossible for most people, so it’s considered unattainable. Then, take small steps to reach that goal. You may have an idea that no one has considered. Create it, patent it if possible, and watch the money roll in. Consider advertising and other options to help you reach that goal, and in a few years, you’re likely to succeed.

3. The art of making money is turned into a game.

Wealthy people rarely think about anything other than money and how to make more. Even during leisure time, they still focus on money. Therefore, it can help to turn it into a game. Games are fun, and they take your mind off of the tasks you’re supposed to do. A game has a few fundamental things to make it work: they have a length of time, a plot, and skill levels. Therefore, give yourself a time-frame in which to earn a particular amount of money, find ways to do that, and give each step a skill level. For example, when you start out, you may be a novice and can work your way up to expert.

4. Money is their friend (or at least ally).

Stop thinking of money as being evil, as most people do. Whether you make enough to be comfortable or live paycheck to paycheck, you have to believe that money is a friend or ally. That way, when you get some, you feel more comfortable with it and work harder to make more. When you think of it as evil, you prevent yourself from making it, sometimes subconsciously. It may help to take some money you make every day and buy something you want/like, even if it’s a small trinket at first.

5. Block out any fear and try to leave your comfort zone whenever possible.

Fears can include a variety of things. You may fear that you won’t make your quota or that you make so much money and lose it all. Block any fears you have by any means necessary. The next part is to go out of your comfort zone. Instead of being complacent with your current job, find ways to improve, even if it involves risk (and especially if it involves risk.) You are likely to worry about things, but if you don’t take a chance, you’ll never know what you could have accomplished, so it’s best to take those risks and chances when the opportunity comes.


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